Health Department, Haryana
स्वास्थ्य विभाग, हरियाणा


Implementation of PNDT Act – 1994 in Haryana

      Misuse of Modern technology to detect sex of the foetus because of strong preference of son due to religious beliefs, social and economic reasons has led to declining female/male sex ratio requires universal condemnation. In view to stabilize for sex ratio, the PC & PNDT Act 94 was enacted by Govt. of India that came into operation in Feb.1996 in the State of Haryana. The State Appropriate Authority, State Supervisory Board, State Advisory Committee and State Task Force was constituted at the State level. The District Appropriate Authorities, District Advisory Committees and Inspection teams were constituted at district level for implementation of Act. Multi Pronged Strategy was followed by creating awareness, involvement of NGOs, PRI, ANM, AWW, etc. enforcement of Act, Inspection of Ultrasound machines, issue of show causes notices, conducting raids, launching of court cases etc. The State of Haryana was the first State to file 3 court cases in whole of the country and thus become a trendsetter. Various awards and schemes have been launched for the welfare of women girl child through Women And Child Department.

The State Govt. has implemented the PNDT Act in letter & Spirit with all sincere efforts in order to check the declining sex ratio in the State. The following actions has been taken so far to implement this Act in the State:-

  • First 3 court cases under this Act were launched in Haryana (district Faridabad), which were first of its kind in the whole country and thus became a trendsetter.
  • Haryana State was also the first state who achieve conviction in PNDT case in the country.
  • 14 doctors/ persons have been convicted in the State, so far, under PNDT Act and 2 conviction under MTP Act.
  • 1036 Ultrasound Clinics/ Genetic Clinics & 67 Genetic Counseling centres registered
  • 42 ultrasound machines have been registered in Govt. Sector.
  • 115 ultrasound machines have been seized and sealed on account of being unregistered/ other violations.
  • 9296 inspections of various ultrasound clinics have been conducted.
  • Registration of 245-ultrasound centres has been suspended/ cancelled
  • Recently four prosecutions were launched in the district courts by district Faridabad in the M/o Feb-March 2009.
  • 49 court cases have so far been filed in various courts against the violators under PNDT Act

The name of Dr. Naveen Thapar, M/s Parbhat Ultrasound, Faridabad has been removed from the Haryana Medical Council for a period of 5 years after framing of charges by CJM, Faridabad

  • The name of Dr. M. P. Kamboj, M/s Kamboj Ultrasound and Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., Hisar has been removed from the Haryana Medical Council for a period of 5 years after being convicted by CJM, Hisar.
  • The IEC activities have been extensively enhanced for mass awareness regarding this social evil, from grass root to Sub Centres/ PHCs/ CHCs/ Districts by organizing MSS meetings, seminars, workshop, debates, rallies and through print and electronic media.
  • Department of Women & Child Development has also launched IEC activities to change the mindset of general public. The Govt. of launched many schemes for the upliftment of the status of girl child. Some of the schemes such as “Ladli”, “Easy education loan”, “Stipends for the girl students” etc. have become the trendsetter in the country.

It is well known that in Haryana State, the child (0-6) sex ratio is 819, which is 2nd lowest, as compared to national average 927 (census 2001). With the best efforts of the state to address this area, the child sex ratio has increased to 854 (As per Civil Registration System (CRS) December 2008)

Action taken for Women Empowerment to prevent female foeticide:

  • On dated 08.12.2007, a State level seminar against female foeticide was organized at Sirsa by Haryana State Legal Services Authority (HSLSA) in collaboration with Health Department, Haryana. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana was Chief Guest and Hon’ble Justice Virender Jain, the Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court was inaugurated this seminar. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana announced at the spot a prize of Rs. 1.00 lac to one village in each district showing highest increase is sex ratio and a prize of Rs. 5.00 lac to the village showing highest increase is sex ratio in the state.
  •     The Govt. of Haryana has decided to give concession of 10 Paisa per unit for domestic electricity connection in the name of woman, in case that the property is owned by woman.
  •     The Govt. of Haryana has decided to give 2% rebate on stamp duty in respect of purchase of immovable property by women.
  •     The Govt. of Haryana has also decided to reserve 33% seats for women in direct recruitment quota in teaching categories.
  •     Govt. of Haryana established 510 Delivery Huts in the State in order to ensure safe delivery in neat & clean environment where birth certificates are being given, which will help in better monitoring of male-female ratio.
  •     Govt. of India has made a provision for women empowerment in Janani Suraksha Yojna by giving financial assistance to mother Rs. 500/- and Rs. 700/- if she had a Home / institutional delivery respectively in rural area and in urban area Rs. 600/- are provided to mothers.
  •     Janani Suraksha Yojna – State Initiative under SC/ ST sub plan - In order to improve the institutional deliveries, w.r.t. SC/ ST families, the State Govt. under the Plan scheme has taken a very positive initiative by providing an assistance of Rs. 1500/- to each pregnant women belonging to SC/ ST family, who get themselves delivered in the Health Institutions both in Govt. & Private Sector.
  •     The Govt. of Haryana has launched “Ladli Scheme” through Women & Child Development Department. Under this scheme, the Government will provide benefit/ financial assistance of Rs. 5000/- @ Rs. 2500 per girl child on the birth of 2nd girl child per annum for 5 years.