Health Department, Haryana
स्वास्थ्य विभाग, हरियाणा


  • Introduction

Cause: - Mycobacterium leprae.

Effect (clinical symptoms):- Hypo pigmented/copper skin patches with definite sensory loss. Multi Drug Treatment (MDT) is given to treat the patients. Special footwear, care is required for disability prevention. 

Complications: - Disability due to loss of function/muscular weakness corresponding to the nerve involvement like claw hand, drop foots etc. Reconstructive Surgery is done to correct the disability

  • Background of the Programme:-

NLEP was launched by Govt. of India in 1983. The programme aim is early detection of cases and to achieve reduction in Grade-II disability.

Anti Leprosy Drugs i.e. MDT are supplied Free of Cost and are available at all the District Hospitals and community health centers/PHCs where the patients have been registered. Micro Cellular Rubber (MCR) footwears are distributed to leprosy affected persons. Govt. of Haryana is also providing supportive Medicines, Splint & Crutches, self care kits etc. to the leprosy patients.

Free Re Constructive Surgeries for leprosy patients with disabilities.

  • (a) National Sample Survey 2010-11 report
  • (b) Annual Report (NLEP)
  • (i) 2016-17

    (ii) 2017-18

    (iii) 2018-19

    (iv) 2019-20

    (v) 2020-21