Civil Registration System

    Civil registration system

    Civil Registration in Haryana is governed under Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 and Haryana Registration of Births and Deaths Rules 2002 made there-under. Registration of every birth and death is compulsory under these provisions.

    1. Following persons have been made responsible to report the events to the concerned Registrar within 21 days of its occurrence.
      1. Head of house hold in case of domiciliary event.
      2. In-charge of medical Institution for event occurred in hospitals.
      3. In-charge of institution in case of event occurred in Hostel, Jail, dharmsala or lodging house.
      4. In case of any new born child or dead body found deserted in public place the investigating officer of local police station.
    2. Registration Hierarchy
      • Registration hierarchy notified for the implementation and supervision of the civil registration system is as below.
    3. Reporting Forms
      • Birth, death or still birth can be reported on the prescribed forms i.e. Form No 1, Form No 2, or Form No 3 respectively. These forms are available on this site.
    4. Important Features
      • A Birth, Death or Still Birth has to be reported for registration, within 21 days of occurrence. Free copy of the certificate can be obtained at the time.
      • Birth and Death registration is to be done at the place of occurrence.
      • Birth can be registered without a name. Entry of name of the child can be done free of cost within 12 months from the date of registration. After 12 months, the name can be registered by paying a fee of Rs.50/-.
      • However, a name cannot be registered after 15 years, from the date of registration of the birth. For the births and Deaths, that have been registered prior to 1.1.1995, without a name, the name can be entered on or before 31.12.2010 and for all the births registered on or after 1.1.1995, the time limit is 15 years, from the date of registration.
      • Name, once entered cannot be changed.

    Fee Structure:

    Sl No. Days Late Fee
    1 21-30 10/-
    2 31- 1 year 25/-
    3 >1 year 50/-
    4 After 1 year (Name Addition) 50/-
    5 Searching/year 10/-
    6 Certificate Copy per copy 25/-

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